Installing Plesk Panel on Linux

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The average installation scenario for Linux operating systems supported by the Plesk Hosting Control Panel is as follows.

After installation of the operating system, we log in via Putty software.

In the incoming command line, we write the following commands respectively. Make sure that your server has a WGET download manager installed before starting the installation. If it is not installed, you can run yum install wget -y.


chmod + x plesk-installer

./plesk-instal on

The screen will ask you a few questions. So much!

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What is a Virtual Server ?

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The Virtual Server is a partitioning of the software capabilities of a physical server (VMware Esxi, HyperVM, SolusVM, etc.) so that each system has its own resources. There are 2 types of Virtual Server, VDS and VPS.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VDS is simply a virtual server dedicated to you. It acts like a real server.

VPS are virtual servers, which are briefly separated by common resources. It uses the core structure in the main machine. It does not pretend to be a real server.

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